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Stress Reduction Session

Learn and practice stress reduction techniques in this workshop designed to help you cultivate calm and relaxation.

Join our 60 minute session where you'll be guided through 


“Not only have I achieved fitness goals but the new habits she’s taught me have been effective for improving my life and even at my job.”​

Dr. Ann-Marie Biggins, DVM BSc

Making your health and wellness a priority can be so challenging during vet school. Many students struggle with irregular eating patterns, sleepless nights and cope with processed food and coffee.

This leads to feeling sluggish, mentally foggy, bloated and exhausted.


It is possible to improve your wellness with SIMPLE actions so you can thrive. (And you won’t even have to give up the coffee!)


At VetVive, we coach veterinarian doctors and students achieve optimal wellness so they can feel strong physically and mentally, and show up fully for their careers.


Our free 4 day “Best Semester Yet” Bootcamp will help you get clear on what you need to focus on for the semester ahead.


Here’s what you can expect:

  • simple nutrition strategies so you can fuel your body and mind

  • organization habits so you can maximize your time

  • mindset shifts so you can reprogram your thought from “all or nothing” to sustainable self care

  • hacks for integrating movement into your hectic schedule

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Alexa Young, CA

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