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Welcome to The Vibrant Veterinarian podcast, by VETVIVE.


We are obsessed with helping Veterinarian doctors and students achieve balance and levels of mental and physical wellness they didn't believe were possible in their challenging career.

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If you're looking to decrease stress and increase productivity and success then you have come to the right place!  Here, you will finally discover how to attain the delicate balance between your career and self care.


This podcast is designed to help Veterinarians integrate mindset and healthy habits that allow themselves to step into the strongest version of themselves so they can continue shining in their field.


You'll be provided with wellness inspiration, tools and resources to help you avoid mental health issues, burnout and compassion fatigue so you can be your best self and doctor.


Think of this podcast as your weekly dose of DVM-focused mindset development to help you optimize your time, improve your health, strengthen your relationships and ultimately become a more powerful leader in Vet medicine.

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