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At Vet Vive Wellness, we are committed to creating free wellness resources for the Veterinary Medicine community.

Check back as our library of free wellness resources grows!

Free Guided

Meditation has been proven to help decrease stress and calm the nervous system. As individuals working in the Veterinary field, your body is under a constant state of stress.


Vet Vive Wellness founder Kirbie Be guides you through a personalized meditation, Mindset Affirmations For Veterinarians.

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Hand Gesture
Resting After Workout

Free Guide
High Impact Habits for Wellness

Do you want to achieve 360 Degree Wellness in your life but you don't know where to start? 


With our free download, you will learn to:

1. Achieve your goals

Improve your personal wellness habits and be a healthier, stronger, self-led veterinarian.

2. Create routines that nourish you
Use our suggested templates for Morning and Evening routines created with high impact fundamental habits to achieve 360 Degree Wellness.

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Healthy Food

How to Create a Healthier Relationship with Food
(Even when work is chaotic)

Feeling overworked and under-appreciated?

Having trouble staying consistent with nutrition and fitness because of your practice's demands?

Wondering if you'll ever be able to find time to achieve the body and health you want?

This is for you.

Download our FREE worksheet 
Breaking the Chain below:

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