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What if you were able to eliminate exhaustion and reduce stress so you could show up more fully in your Vet Med career and life?

VIBRANT is the proven integrated wellness coaching program for veterinarians where you’ll learn how to fuel your body for optimal performance, reach your weight loss goals and feel stronger and confident through the power of nutrition and lifestyle coaching.


VIBRANT offers the blueprint and accountability of a coach to help you create a healthy, nourishing lifestyle…fast.

Ann-Marie Biggins


"I was struggling with consistency, discipline and creating habits for achievable goals. I get very overwhelmed with self care, starting routines and figuring out how to balance it into my life. Kirbie does a great job figuring out what’s realistic for you , your goals and most importantly your lifestyle. 
She helped me create routines for me which helped me get out of the house faster so I can make time for the gym or walks. Not only have I achieved fitness goals but the new habits she’s taught me has been effective for me across the work and even at my job.

It's 3 AM...

You’re exhausted, yet you toss and turn, unable to rest. The consultations and surgeries from your shift are running through your mind. You’re feeling overwhelmed about tomorrow already, with a to-do list starting to loom.


You know that you need help soon, because you’re running all day, surviving on caffeine and falling out of love with Vet Med.

Your ability to perform in your career and enjoy your life depends on your health.

And no matter if you’re talking about mental health, physical health or emotional health, all of these are affected by your NUTRITION.

What you put IN your body has a huge impact on your mood, energy levels, sleep, recovery, stress levels and performance.

If you want to optimize these aspects of your life, you have to fuel and train your mind and body the right way.

Members of the Vet Med community are struggling to take care of themselves.

New DVMs often develop poor, irregular eating habits to cope with rigorous vet school and lack the foundational habits for optimal health.

Creating new healthy habits is nearly impossible to balance their demanding practice, hectic schedule.

Yet, it’s impossible to keep up with a demanding practice without deep health. And even then, there is no energy leftover to enjoy your life.

It’s a vicious cycle, leaving veterinarians feeling drained and burned out.

It’s not that vets don’t KNOW how to take care of themselves. They are DOCTORS.

It’s that they’re mentally exhausted from their work and can’t think about what’s for dinner…or lunch… or when was the last time they had a workout?

But many busy veterinarians simply don’t have the time to research macros, plan meals, and figure out which diet and exercise combination will be the most effective.

And with their time being so precious, they don’t have time to try every single cookie cutter program on social media.

They need to feel better as soon as possible, so they can...

Feel more present in their relationships.


Feel more stable and grounded.


Function optimally and perform better.


Have a healthy work/life balance.

Manage stress so they can enjoy their career.

Create a path that lights them up.

I truly believe that your ability to thrive in your career and enjoy your life is dependent on your health.

Ready to feel VIBRANT?

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Imagine being able to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you stuck and create a clear blueprint for vibrant health.

VIBRANT is a 20 week coaching program that blends 1:1 lifestyle and nutrition coaching with habit integration and personal training.

We take the guesswork with customized meal plans, program adjustments based on your progress, and individual action plans.

We focus on 1:1 nutrition coaching, movement, mindset and recovery so you can cultivate deep health in all areas of your life.

Rochelle Traugott


"Progressively in the program, I noticed a positive difference in my ability to focus and pay attention in class. I had more energy to do the things that I needed to do to be a successful student."
Rochelle T.jpg

Your Investment

Monthly Pricing

$249* / month (*Starting at)

*Student discount & corporate pricing available


Referrals + referees each receive one extra month FREE

Valued at $444 USD

VIBRANT will transform your mind, body and spirit.

Enrolment is officially OPEN now!

Book your FREE no-strings-attached consultation call today!

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