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Integrated Wellness Coaching for Veterinarians

Helping veterinarians improve wellness naturally with personalized 1:1 health coaching

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Set the foundation for a resilient, thriving career in Veterinary Medicine

At Vet Vive Wellness our program focuses on integrating wellness habits that make the most significant difference to Veterinary Medicine students and doctors.

We focus on four key pillars:

Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Stress, Sleep and Recovery.

You will learn, practice and integrate the foundational personal wellness habits to help you become a self leading doctor.

We help Veterinary Doctors & Students Who:

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Wellness Coach Yoga Instructor

Meet the Founder

Kirbie Be 
B.A. | B.Ed

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified RYT Yoga Instructor
Certified Advanced Nutrition Coach

Kirbie Be is a holistic wellness coach and educator passionate about personal development and behaviour change.


She founded Vet Vive Wellness, a boutique integrated wellness company that empowers the veterinary medicine community to create resilience through deep health.


With over 8 years as a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Kirbie partners with veterinary medicine teams, doctors and students to create strong foundations in wellness, high performance lifestyle and resilience to stress.


Kirbie’s own personal transformation and career in health coaching began in St. Kitts, West Indies. Since then, she’s provided coaching and training focused on nutrition, movement and mindset to hundreds of women in veterinary medicine.


Kirbie has advanced training in nutrition, behaviour change, mind-body connection and mindfulness. Her unique approach allows her clients to create long-lasting change by addressing core underlying beliefs or patterns that might derail them.


Kirbie’s purpose is to show people the incredible transformations that they are capable of. She believes that health coaching is preventative medicine and the foundation for  personal and professional development.

Learn more about how our Wellness Program can help you and your team

Book a complimentary consultation call with founder Kirbie Be to get started!

Our Impact

Veterinarian Doctor with dog
"The work she has incorporated into her programs surpass daily physical training and meal plans, and we have delved deep into the mental and spiritual journey necessary for me to become a happier, healthier version of myself.
I am so incredibly grateful that I reached out for help and began this journey with Kirbie – together, we have transformed my life."

Sydney E. Davis, DVM, MSc

Free Guided Meditation

Meditation has been proven to help decrease stress and calm the nervous system. As individuals working in the Veterinary field, your body is under a constant state of stress.


Vet Vive Wellness founder Kirbie Be guides you through a personalized meditation, Mindset Affirmations For Veterinarians.

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