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"It was the exact thing that I didn’t even know I needed!"

At Vet Vive Wellness, we work with veterinary doctors and students to design customized nutrition plans and fitness programs aligned to their hectic schedule. We work 1:1 with our clients, and meet on a regular basis to continually adjust their plans and coach them through obstacles and plateaus.

Here is a testimonial from a very successful client, Courtney Horney, DVM, BSc:

"It was the exact thing that I didn’t even know I needed! Kirbie does an absolutely amazing job of not only helping you learn to center yourself, but also challenging you to push further.

Working with her makes you strive to challenge yourself and be all that you’re capable of being. When I started out working with Kirbie, I didn’t have any prior experience with yoga or stress relief methods. With Kirbie’s expertise and support I am now able to perform advanced yoga positions like “king pigeon” and feel calmer.

I look forward to what she was able to teach us every single session. I am so grateful to Kirbie for all that she has done for me.

10/10 recommend!"

Courtney Horney, DVM, BSc


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