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We are thrilled to offer new & exciting products that elevate and support you on your wellness journey.

Are you a veterinarian who wants to improve your health for optimal performance in your career?

At Vet Vive Wellness, we help the veterinary medicine community make impactful changes in their health and wellness so they can perform better in their career and enjoy their life.


This is for you if…

You’re looking to feel better but not sure how.
You feel completely overwhelmed and not sure what steps to take.
You experience energy crashes in the afternoon.
You rely on caffeine and processed food to get through the day.
You want to carve out more time for yourself.
Your health is holding you back in your demanding career.
You want to learn how to juggle meal prep.
You want to ensure you’re getting adequate nutrients.


Vet Vive Wellness is offering a 12 Week Transformation program for veterinarians who are ready, willing and able to transform their health and wellness.


The 12 Week Transformation Coaching Program includes:

  • 1:1 coaching calls (1 call per week)
  • Unlimited Personalized Nutrition Report
  • Macro and Calorie Calculations
  • Co-created customized meal plan
  • Customized training program
  • Access to our exclusive app - Elite Trainr

Imagine having an abundance of energy, strength and confidence that will seep into every area of your life! 


*Once purchase is complete, book your initial consultation call at:

12 Week Transformation | 1:1 Health Coaching

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