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We are thrilled to offer new & exciting products that elevate and support you on your wellness journey.

A thoughtfully curated recipe book by Vet Vive Wellness founder & Master Health Coach, Kirbie Be!


Each section is broken up by Macros (Lean Proteins, Smart Carbs, Colourful Veggies & Healthy Fats), making it easy to prep recipes that fit your priority.


Additional Inclusions:

-Hand Portion Guide

-Shopping List per Macro category

-Macro breakdown and useful information for each one

-Meal Prep Tips


TIP: Want to learn how many Macros you specifially need and help with eating based off of it?


Check out our PERSONALIZED NUTRITION REPORT BUNDLE* which gives you a personalized report curated by one of our Health & Nutrition Coaches as well as a complimentary consultion call and this recipe book as a FREE bonus!


*You can find this in our products section.

Meal Prep By Macro Recipe Book

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