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7 Quick Macro Friendly Mini Meals for Veterinarian Doctors and Students

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

“What do I do when I have no time and I need to eat something healthy, fast!?”

This is a very common question amongst my clients who are veterinarian doctors and students.

This profession doesn’t have the luxury of a fixed schedule, long breaks or the time to go out to lunch. Veterinarian doctors and students face long hours, hectic, unpredictable schedules and often feel emotionally exhausted at the end of the day.

We all know good nutrition can help us feel better mentally and physically, which is important to being resilient in veterinary medicine, but who has the time?

Enter in the Quick, Macro-Friendly Mini Meal.

These mini-meal ideas will tide you over until the next time you are able to shop for groceries or plan your meals. We’ve covered all your bases by including a serving of protein, carbs and fat for each meal to increase satiety and energy. We’ve made sure that all these meals are either super quick to pull together from a few ingredients or you can prep them in advance. Feeling extra hungry? Just increase your portion size.

We recommend you find a few you like then stock ingredients so you always have a few mini meals ready to go.

Here are 7 options of snacks that hit our criteria of being quick, macro-balanced and satisfying.

1. Egg + Carbs

Scramble an egg or make a quick omelette. Serve with bread, crackers or rice cakes for a quick carb option. Add some veggies for fiber.

2. Hard Boiled Egg + Veggies + Hummus

Boil some hard boiled eggs at the beginning of the week and keep a bag of veggies and container of hummus ready to go.

3. Pro-Oats

Make some oatmeal and stir in protein or batch prep some Overnight Oats to enjoy cold.

Stir in some nut butter or sprinkle with nuts, seeds or shredded coconut to add a fat source.

4. Protein Shake + Almonds

Make a protein shake with a scoop of your favorite powder, water or milk / mylk, and frozen fruit. Serve with a handful of almonds.

5. Cold Chicken Wrap

Keep shredded chicken in your fridge then grab a tortilla, veggies, salsa and cheese to make a quick wrap.

6. Fruit + Nuts

Keep fruit (like apples or clementines) in your fridge and nuts (like walnuts or almonds) in your cupboard. You could pack small servings of nuts in snack bags so they are ready to go. Add a scoop of protein powder and water for a protein boost.

7. Yogurt Parfait

Stir protein powder into yogurt (my fave is Greek) and add nuts or nut butter, berries and seeds. Pre-make these parfaits by meal prepping them into individual containers.

Any of these 7 mini meals will help you integrate macro balanced meals that you can whip up or prep ahead in NO time!

We also offer 1:1 or team wellness coaching with customized meal plans. You'll know exactly what to eat and when to get to your goals in the fastest, easiest way possible. Check out our success stories and book a call to get started on your personalized integrated wellness coaching program.

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