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Ashton Rose Sellers | Vet Vive Wellness Collaborative Partner

Ashton Rose Sellers, DVM BSc, shares her story of why she joined Vet Vive Wellness and the impact it had on her life.

"My journey started like many before me. When someone asks me why I wanted to become a Veterinarian my answer is “I always wanted to be one."

Which is very true, but that got me thinking... was there a moment? Something specific that I can remember? There was.

When I was around 5 my parents gifted me an encyclopedia of large cats. This book had everything from their habitat to their diet and endangered status. I loved going through that book and learning about animals. That was the spark for me. No one told me how long and challenging this road would be though.

The path to veterinary school is strenuous, but school itself! A completely different beast. One thing that helped me stay sane was nutrition and wellness.

We understand how important those two are for our patients. Yet, many of us don’t practice good habits for ourselves.

I met Kirbie when I was studying in vet school during Covid. I had been locked indoors for months, eating horribly, and not exercising at all. In her program, she helped me learn how to cook for myself and pay attention to what I was eating in a simple and fun way. She planned phases of home workouts and trained her clients virtually. That’s the type of devotion she gave to me. That made me want to be dedicated to myself and my health.

Changing my nutritional and wellness habits helped me to clear my mind, be more focused, and have more energy. I was happy for the first time in a long time. Any time I stray too far from my new habits I don’t feel the same. I’m not my best self.

As individuals in the veterinary field we need that focus and energy to get through our days. The better I feel mentally and physically the better medicine I can practice. I always want to put my best foot forward when it comes to veterinary medicine. One way I ensure I can do that is to continue to put care and thought into my personal nutrition and wellness. This helps me grow as an individual, one step at a time. All it takes is taking the first step.

Ashton Rose Sellers


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