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BTS: How Vet Vive Wellness Was Created

Kirbie Be is a holistic wellness coach and educator passionate about personal development and behaviour change.

In her own words, here is the story of how she [Kirbie] created Vet Vive Wellness:

"I started out teaching yoga on the lawn at Ross University. After class, the vet students would gather around me and tell me about their sore shoulder, tight hips or ask questions about yoga, training and nutrition.

I would give them stretches, yoga poses and advise them on how to train in the gym. But I couldn’t believe that these medical students were asking me for support.

I was just a certified yoga teacher with a BA and BEd at the time. But I felt a desire to serve these amazing humans who were dedicating their lives to saving animals. Seeing these incredible veterinarians to-be go through the rigours of vet school in the Caribbean showed me that I could push harder too.

I went on a mission to be an example for what is possible in wellness.

I lost a LOT of weight. I got stronger. I learned how to meal plan and prep. I became a certified personal trainer. I opened the first yoga studio in St. Kitts. I created bespoke transformation program. I became a certified nutrition coach. I competed in bikini bodybuilding. I modelled bikinis and did photoshoots.

(I was terrified almost every minute throughout all of this, BTW #doitscared )

My clients were almost all DVMs and vet students (I also trained ambassadors and celebrities)-- and my clients were killing the game. They lost more pounds than I could count and their confidence started seeping into other areas of their lives.

I worked 13 to 15 hour days, with every minute and macro accounted for and I embodied what I was preaching. There were days it was really hard. I was so exhausted and terrified that I might fail that it was hard to put one foot in front of the other.

There were so many times I wanted to quit.

But then I thought of the incredible women who were filling my studio. Who showed up even after they had the toughest days at vet school.

My WHY was to show THEM what was possible.

They were the reason I got out of bed at 5am, worked all day and left the yoga studio at 9pm. So I could be an example that you CAN have it all - a relationship with yourself and a thriving career.

My branding and offerings has changed over the years as I’ve grown, but my mission stays the same - to SERVE, and to be an example of what’s possible. The veterinary community I grew with in St. Kitts has inspired me and challenged me to become a better version of myself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏

I want to mirror that inspiration back to the community through custom wellness programs and other products that support your wellness.

If you read this far ILYSM and I am rooting for your success. That you may be an example of living in your purpose and inspire others around you.

If you need help, I can hold a space for you and offer you the tools to grow into the next level version of yourself. I offer a totally free, no obligation coaching call where we’ll dive into what’s holding you back and what you want to create."

Kirbie’s purpose is to show people the incredible transformations that they are capable of. She believes that health coaching is preventative medicine and the foundation for personal and professional development.

Interested in starting your health journey? Book your FREE consultation call with Kirbie today!


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