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"Everything Kirbie provided has been absolutely priceless to me."

At Vet Vive Wellness, we work with veterinary doctors and students to design customized nutrition plans and fitness programs aligned to their hectic schedule. We work 1:1 with our clients, and meet on a regular basis to continually adjust their plans and coach them through obstacles and plateaus.

Here is a testimonial from a very successful client, Bundi Wilde:

"I started training with Kirbie because the stress of being in Veterinary Medical school had taken a toll on my mind and body.

I reached out to Kirbie because I saw the work she put in and her results.

To say the least, it was life changing!

I wanted to lose some weight and find a healthy way to deal with stress other than binge eating and Netflix. What I got was so much more! I have worked with many personal trainers in the past, but Kirbie is the real deal!

What makes her [Kirbie] so incredible? She works with you! She provides positive support, as well as explanations as to why you are doing the exercise and meal plans that she worked hard to plan and personalize for you.

She was willing to work with my 100% vegan diet. Unlike other trainers, Kirbie gives you the tools and habits needed to continue life long fitness even after you finish working with her. The workouts and meal planning are all given to you, so you have the materials to carry on your own once training has ended.

Not only does Kirbie have the experience and education behind her, she also has the most infectious positive attitude! She loves what she does and it comes across in everything she does for you. She maintains such a great supportive attitude, which inspires you to want to work harder.

Everything Kirbie provided has been absolutely priceless to me. I lost 20lbs, several inches, and I am so much better with stress management.

This program has overall improved not only my physical appearance and health, but better academic performance!"

Bundi Wilde

California, USA


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