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The Vet Vive Wellness Process: How We Get Amazing Results

At Vet Vive Wellness, we work with veterinary doctors and students to design customized nutrition plans and fitness programs aligned to their hectic schedule. We work 1:1 with our clients, and meet on a regular basis to continually adjust their plans and coach them through obstacles and plateaus.

Founder and CEO, Kirbie, gives an inside look into the VIBRANT Coaching Program she created for Vet Vive Wellness:

The VIBRANT Coaching program is a habit based, systematic program designed to take you through all the phases of transformation. No matter if you are looking to lose fat, gain muscle, get stronger or just feel more stable and in control of your health, this program will give you the skills you need to reach your goals.

We offer a blend of activation and support, including on demand video education, check in messages, reminders, group coaching workshops, one to one sessions. Essentially, you’ll design your own personalized blueprint combined with 1:1 coaching.

During the time we work together, you are going to learn self development skills and practices that you will integrate in real time with the support and accountability of a coach.

So what does our process look like?

First, we begin with gathering information. We’ll ask you to complete habit surveys and your first progress report. These consultation tools help us create your bespoke coaching programs.

Next, our certified nutrition coach will calculate your macros and you’ll meet with your coach to co create your meal plan and action plan. You’ll learn which habits make the most impact on your life, and your coach will help you identify, integrate and analyze your habits.

You’ll meet with your coach on a regular basis, your 1:1 coaching calls are designed to help you get clear on your vision, develop self awareness and help you overcome mindset obstacles. You’ll develop a deep relationship with your coach, who is there to see you, hear you and hold space for your transformation.

Our group coaching calls will help you unlock the next level version of you with our signature personal development workshops focused on our four pillars: Supportive Nutrition, Movement, Self Awareness and Stress, Sleep and Recovery.

Here's a look at what you'll be learning inside of VIBRANT:

Supportive Nutrition

Learn how to build meal plans, swap foods and adjust your macros. discover and explore your relationship with food. Discover and explore your relationship with food while firing up your metabolism.

Self Awareness

The key to changing your behavior is understanding yourself. Our self-awareness module helps you uncover what limiting belief is holding you back and what it is that you truly desire for yourself. You’ll also learn practical strategies, practices and tools for manifesting and goal setting.


You’ll receive your own custom training program on Elite Trainr. Your program is changed every 4-6 weeks according to your progress.

Follow along with on-demand videos of our signature home training program. Just press play and feel confident in our form focused instruction and in real, rep by rep time.

Stress, Sleep and Recovery

Learn how to shift your mindset around stressful thoughts and integrate tools and practices for sleeping better. Learn which foods and supplements support recovery and how to add them to your diet for optimal recovery.

The secret to sustainable weight loss is practicing SKILLS. In VIBRANT, you'll learn the skills you need to know to take better care, lose weight, improve your mood and stress management.

We are taking all of the worry and wonder out of wellness. You'll feel clearer knowing exactly knowing exactly which step you're working on and how it's part of a larger plan. The larger plan you're working on is self mastery.

Imagine having an instruction manual for your mind and body. That’s what you’re creating inside of Vet Vive Wellness.

Kirbie’s purpose with Vet Vive Wellness is to show people the incredible transformations that they are capable of. She believes that health coaching is preventative medicine and the foundation for personal and professional development.

Interested in starting your health journey? Book your FREE consultation call with Kirbie today!


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